Announcing the Launch of “Let Babies Eat” action


Let Babies Eat was created in response to the growing number of reports about women experiencing breastfeeding discrimination at church.  From their website, “The primary purpose of Let Babies Eat is advocacy to end the discrimination and/or harassment which is sometimes perpetrated against mothers who publicly and openly breastfeed on church property or during church meetings. Let Babies Eat also advocates for improved accommodations in church buildings so that families may better meet the needs of their young children.”

The action advocates for a statement or policy from church leaders which clarifies that nursing women may publicly breastfeed while on church property, in accordance with local law, without additional restrictions.

“With such clarity, parents will be assured of reliable, respectful treatment by local leaders and members, regardless of church location, and will benefit from the consistency of church policy that aligns with local law. Additionally, local leaders and missionaries will be relieved of creating and enforcing inconsistent local policies.”  the site also states.

The action includes suggestions geared toward local leaders, like improving the conditions in Mothers’ rooms, and ensuring that all nursing mothers are offered the sacrament.  Resources for helping new mothers through their postpartum phase are included.

Women, especially, are encouraged to take the survey about breastfeeding experiences at church, and write to the female general auxiliary leaders to share their feelings and hopes. The site also shares stories submitted by parents about their experiences feeding babies at church, and includes answers to frequently asked questions.

The site and its social media platforms will continue to be updated as the action progresses.

You can follow the action on Facebook, Instagram  and Twitter

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