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Sunday Sermon: Four Marys

As I walked with these women, they led me to the feet of the Savior. The women of the Bible often come to know Jesus in quiet, humble ways—on their knees; seeking guidance and forgiveness; crying out in the darkness; serving others; and speaking up for what is right. Four women play an especial role in the Savior’s mission on Earth. They share a love and intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ. They also share a name: Mary.

Growing Up Mormon and Autistic Coded Female

This piece was commissioned as part of the In Our Own Words series, which seeks to share the voices and experiences of marginalized individuals....

Guest Post: Making repentance an act of radical love, self-care, and curiosity

Put aside unity, put aside reconciliation, even put aside forgiveness—Ruttenberg’s book calls us to full, complete, no-asterisks, victim-focused repentance. That may result in any of those things, but that cannot be our aim.

Guest Post: Letting Go of the Iron Rod

Guest Post by Alma Frances Pellet. Alma is a software developer and living her dream of being a stay-at-home mom to the three remaining...

In the Image of Our Heavenly Parents: A Couple’s Guide to Creating a More Divine Marriage

Bethany Brady Spalding and McArthur Krishna are at it again! Their latest project is focused on equal partnership marriages–In the Image of Our Heavenly Parents: A Couple’s Guide to Creating a More Divine Marriage.

Guest Post: Can I Speak Aloud About Menopause?

I of course had no idea what my mother was (or wasn’t) experiencing when I asked my dad that question. I’m older now than she was then, and do I comprehend it yet? Barely.

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility, from a Trans Member of the Church!

Parents, leaders, friends. Anyone who reads this, please don’t shut down the feelings of anyone around you. We are all human. We all experience things differently and see different things throughout our lifetime. Kids should never have to wonder what’s wrong with them.

Guest Post: My Tattoo and For the Strength of Youth

In my life, I’ve said hundreds of prayers about wanting a tattoo. As a missionary, I fasted and prayed that the rules would change, or my desire for one would go away.
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