What We Can Learn from Christlike Missionaries

It’s not enough to wait for the tide of public opinion to swing towards greater inclusion: we should be leading the charge. It’s also not enough to keep our prejudiced thoughts to ourselves but should labor to mitigate and eradicate them as we seek to become eventually perfected. The most Christlike missionaries do this.

Eat, drink and be merry, ladies! Women are exempt from most commandments.

At least, women would be if we interpreted all scriptures the way we interpret those about priesthood ordination.

A Tale of Two Supreme Court Justices (and what a fast-approaching Oaks presidency looks like for LDS girls)

This man is next in line to be the head of the church, but it often feels to me like he doesn't recognize the humanity of women at all. The idea that we could have the same longing for success in a career path as a man doesn't seem to occur to him. When I look at him, I see a man amused by my silly feminine ambitions to have done more with my life than just help a man achieve his best life.

The Illusion of Separateness

And then I realized that unrestrained, unopposed, and unquestioned oneness is unrealistic and harmful. This origin myth is less about why we speak different languages and more about moral human development: maturing from simplicity to complexity. It is about the divine need for moral diversity.

Guest Post: Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

You can’t shame yourself into liberating the world.

The September Six and the Struggle for the Soul of Mormonism

Sara M. Patterson's boo The September Six and the Struggle for the Soul of Mormonism releases this month. Come for the stories of the September Six, stay for Patterson’s in-depth analysis of the church’s purity system that placed some ideas and bodies inside a circle of acceptability and pushed others out.

Guest Post: Musings on Judy Blume and a Feminine Divine

by Jessie R. A few months ago I saw Are You There, God? It’s Me Margaret in theaters. It was a wonderful movie and a...

What’s In A Name

I’ve always hated my middle name. In school, it was hard to pronounce. My middle name was reduced to C as many failed to give my name the respect it deserved. Growing up, my name had become a heavy weight, making me the target of jokes and mean spirited jabs about how funny it was compared to the cutesy, girly-pop, aesthetic and cool names most girls in my secondary school had.

Like the warblings of birds

General Conference is nearly upon us, which means we are all but guaranteed to have at least one sermon on the Sabbath day, and...

Five reasons I tell my daughters to NOT get married in the temple

I’ve realized that if I could do it over again - with the option to get married outside of the temple and then sealed later - I would have done things differently. 

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