A Thousand Thousand Reasons

"There are a thousand thousand reasons to live this life, every one of them sufficient." - Marilynn Robinson, Gilead, 243

Just Food: Diet Culture and Faith Practices

Content Warning: I’m going to talk about food and the body in this piece. If you are suffering or have suffered from disordered eating...

On Being in the Middle of Trials

I've been on a leave of absence in blogging for the last six-ish months because of some chaos in my personal life. I had...

Better Sex Education for LDS Teens and Young Adult Women

LDS girls and women often only receive inadequate, shame-based sex education. They deserve better. Sex Educated by Bonnie Young has the potential to empower LDS teens and women with language and knowledge about their own bodies and sexuality.

Come Follow Me: John 14-17 “Continue Ye in My Love”

Many of the other Come Follow Me lessons cover sections of text that have distinct stories from Jesus’ ministry or parables. That’s not the case with John 14-17. This week’s reading is three chapters of doctrine. There is so much beauty packed into these three chapters.

Sunday Sermon: Four Marys

As I walked with these women, they led me to the feet of the Savior. The women of the Bible often come to know Jesus in quiet, humble ways—on their knees; seeking guidance and forgiveness; crying out in the darkness; serving others; and speaking up for what is right. Four women play an especial role in the Savior’s mission on Earth. They share a love and intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ. They also share a name: Mary.

Come Follow Me: Matthew 26; Mark 14; John 13 “In Remembrance”Come Follow Me:

I’ve broken today’s lesson into two main parts: “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” and “The Last Supper.” I plan to use this lesson plan for guiding my own family scripture study. Therefore, I’ve broken things up into very small chunks where we can just focus on one part of the stories as we read them. For example, we’ll likely focus on each of the 4 themes I listed under “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” on 4 separate days. If you are using this plan for a lesson at church, just pick and choose what makes sense for your class.

The Gospel Doesn’t Excuse Fatphobia

If we aim to be perfect like God (Matthew 5:48) - and not perfect the way that fitspo influencers and judgmental members are selling it - we need to liberate our understanding and practice of the Gospel from fatphobia.

“Celebrating the Everyday” – Fall 2023 Call for Submissions

For this issue, we celebrate the quotidian, sing odes to the everyday, and honor the seemingly small moments of existence. We look forward to reading your work.

Ditch the Phone; Pick up a Book. Musings of Tired Teacher.

Is it possible to sleep hard for 8 ½ hours and yet wake up even more exhausted than before? It is May, I am...

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