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A single print issue is typically 40 pages and includes 4-7 personal essays, poetry, and 3-4 of our features: Sabbath Pastorals, Women’s Theology, Artist Interviews, and more. We are extremely proud of the art — all by women and gender minorities along the Mormon spectrum — that works in conversation with the essays, and we use a high-quality print that highlights the beauty of the artwork. The articles are carefully gathered and arranged to create a narrative from beginning to end. This results in a dialogue within every issue as articles speak to one another and spark new ideas and meanings. What does the magazine experience have to offer that’s worth the cost of a subscription? See for yourself:

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Support writers and artists! Magazine subscriptions help us provide honorariums for contributors while also supporting the sustainability of the organization. Subscribe for a quarterly print subscription — a tradition since 1974 — which includes a free digital subscription.

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