There is nothing quite like subscribing to the print magazine experience. Here is what others are saying:

Carol Lynn Pearson, author of Finding Mother God
“I love paper. Truly I am grateful for email, for instant communication, for the efficiency of the quick scan. But there’s nothing classy about it, nothing warm, nothing truly personal. So I choose the print version of Exponent II. It’s such a pleasure to sit in a comfortable chair by the fireplace and hold a thoughtfully-designed missive in your hands filled with messages that feel like letters delivered with care. I love women. I love their thoughts. I love a good visit. That’s why I love the print version of Exponent II.” 

Dayna Patterson, author of If Mother Braids a Waterfall
“Along my spiritual journey, Exponent II has always felt like a safe, nurturing, welcoming space. I’ve felt real sisterhood reading the magazine, attending retreats, and interacting with others who have similar questions and journeys. Exponent II is family. It’s home.”

Megan Knobloch Geilman, contemporary Utah artist
“Having a print subscription is wonderful not only for having a beautiful publication in hand, but because part of the subscription goes to support honorariums and other scholarships that benefit our community.”

Adam S. Miller, author of An Early Resurrection
The Exponent II does essential work in making room for women’s voices as part of the gospel’s ongoing restoration. The body of Christ cannot be made whole without them. Subscribe, support this work, and open your ears to hear.”

Andrea G. Radke-Moss, PhD; Professor of History, BYU-Idaho
“Since I began subscribing to Exponent II, I have been consistently and repeatedly amazed at the visual quality and production of this beautiful magazine/journal. There really is nothing quite like it among the range of Latter-day Saint publications. The magazine is so carefully produced and edited, the layouts are appealing, but mostly, the artwork is exquisite. It is like having your own catalog to a finely-curated exhibit on Mormon Feminist artwork. The reproductions of the art cover not just painting, but forms of sculpture and folk arts that are reproduced photographically in the text. The Exponent editors have worked hard to include creations by women of color. These represent the diverse imaginings of so many Mormon women along our spectrum of belief and practice. I recommend strongly to anyone thinking about a physical subscription to Exponent to really  give it solid consideration. Keep all of the issues on your shelf to view and review over and over again, or to share with friends. This is a gift that keeps on giving.”