“Celebrating the Everyday” – Fall 2023 Call for Submissions

For this issue, we celebrate the quotidian, sing odes to the everyday, and honor the seemingly small moments of existence. We look forward to reading your work.

New Blog Series: #InOurOwnWords

Providing a forum for Mormon women's voices has always been central to Exponent II’s mission. In 2021, Exponent modified its mission statement to include the...

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Exponent II

Exponent II has been celebrating Women's History Month in our own way since 1974, so we decided that this month calls for a gathering! Join us at Writ & Vision in Provo, UT on Saturday, March 18 at 7 PM.

“The Art of Losing” – Summer 2023 Call for Magazine Submissions

What do we learn when we examine the shards of our griefs, small and large?

Need help with your 2023 New Testament or Young Women #LDS lesson plans? We have your back. #ComeFollowMe

Exponent bloggers and guests have started posting Young Women lessons and New Testament lesson plans for 2023 Sunday School and/or Individuals and Families.

We’re Back—Plus a Giveaway!

The Exponent II blog was founded in 2006 with the hope of hosting important discussions about Mormon feminism. Now nearly 17 years later, moving the blog to be under the same digital roof as the rest of the Exponent II org meant migrating over 5,750 posts and nearly 70,000 comments!

The Exponent Blog is Moving to

Get ready—the Exponent blog is moving to

Exponent II Can Use Your Financial Support

By Lori LeVar Pierce, Exponent II President As you consider which non-profit organizations you will support on this Giving Tuesday, we hope you will consider...
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