Board and Volunteer Opportunities


President: Barbara Christiansen
Treasurer: Susan Christiansen
Secretary: Kirsten Campbell
Members: Katrina Vinck Baker, Barbara Christiansen, Susan Christiansen, Tirza Davis, Lindsay Denton, Sam Layco, Carol Ann Litster Young, Rachel Rueckert, Heather Sundahl, Lori LeVar Pierce

Emeritus Board Members: Emily Clyde Curtis, Nancy Dredge, Judy Dushku, Aimee Evans Hickman, Linda Hoffman Kimball, Deborah Farmer Kris, Caroline Kline, Margaret Hemming Olsen, and Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always excited to have new voices. To work with the magazine, contact [email protected] To become a perma blogger, submit your first guest post on the blog. To contribute in any other way, email [email protected]