The Gospel Doesn’t Excuse Fatphobia

If we aim to be perfect like God (Matthew 5:48) - and not perfect the way that fitspo influencers and judgmental members are selling it - we need to liberate our understanding and practice of the Gospel from fatphobia.

Women as Disciples, Prophets, Leaders, and Ministers of Jesus Christ

I was praying recently for help with cynicism and hopelessness that challenged my faith in God . Two things happened that encouraged me to...

Why Bishop Waddell’s 60 Minutes Response Felt So Wrong

Does Jesus really want us to be fabulously wealthy, with beautiful stained glass windows in our temple, gorgeous artwork and enormous stockpiles of cash invested and growing as large as humanly possible? Or did Jesus teach those who follow his teachings to forsake our riches, give everything we have to the poor, and follow him? Which direction are we headed right now?

Without Dissent, There is Stagnation.

Dissent is a vital aspect of progress but it is not just the voices of those who suffer that create moral and social improvements, it is the powerholders' ability to listen and the united ability of the majority to re-imagine reality together. We are a nation that greatly benefits from dissenters.

Fact-Checking Spiritual Op-Eds

As I’ve grown spiritually, I’ve come to firmly believe that it’s okay to “fact-check” the spiritual "op-eds" in our life - yes, even scriptures, manuals, lessons, and General Conference.

Why can’t women handle money for the church?

As things are currently organized I cannot serve as a Ward Financial Clerk. I can't help prepare a deposit of tithing money. I can't process reimbursement checks. I can't help distribute fast offering funds. I can't help prepare the ward budget.

Making Mothers’ Day Better at Church

As many people know, Mothers’ Day at church can be a hard day for women. Women might feel inadequate and depressed when speakers’ over-the-top rhetoric...

The Holy Spirit Broke My Shelf

We'd been talking about the Holy Spirit for almost an hour when we came upon a huge theological rift - one that we hadn't realized existed. Keep in mind I'd read nearly 35 pages about Pneumatology and hadn't picked up on this.
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