How do I submit work to Exponent II?

Visit our submission guidelines for blog guest posts or magazine submission guidelines.

When will I get my print magazine?

Our magazine goes out four times per year. The cutoff dates for the magazine subscription window are:

  • January 15 – to receive Winter (arrives in mailboxes by early March)
  • April 15 – to receive Spring (arrives in mailboxes by early June)
  • July 15 – to receive Summer (arrives in mailboxes by early September)
  • October 15 – to receive Fall (arrives in mailboxes by early December)

I moved! How do I update my address?

Update your address in your online account and/or email exponentiisubscriptions AT gmail DOT com with your name, email associated with your subscription, and the new address.

Can I buy just one digital article?

We believe a modest investment of $12 for a full year of digital access is an important part of our community. If you want to read one article, we’re confident you’ll appreciate the others, too. Thanks for understanding.

When does retreat registration open?

We will update the website accordingly, but stay tuned for updates by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

How do I access my digital subscription?

Digital subscriptions have transitioned to the website, where prior issues are available to subscribers to view as a collection or as individual articles. Active digital and print subscribers have access. To view your digital subscription, go to the website’s top right corner, click “Sign in/Join” and log in with your email address associated with your subscription. You’ll likely have to click the “forgot password” option to set a password, which will then email you a link. After creating/resetting a password, you can log in.

Why don’t I see every back issue of Exponent II online with my digital subscription?

Each issue is curated with care and takes about five hours to upload online in the digital format. Volunteers are working hard to slowly but surely upload as many issues as we can.

I reset my account password. Where is the reset email?

Check your spam folder!

I put in an order at the store. Where is it?

Thanks for supporting us! We are a volunteer-run organization of busy people. We don’t operate like Amazon or another large e-store, but trust that we have your order and will be in touch soon. If it is a magazine subscription, note that Exponent II goes out four times per year in March, June, September, and December.

How can I get support with my subscription?

The best way to change or cancel your subscription is to log in to your digital account and do it yourself. Otherwise, tell us about your inquiry at exponentiisubscriptions AT gmail DOT com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we are able.