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Exponent II has a podcast called Exponent II – The Podcast! Join Ramona (blogger), Heather (former magazine editor, blogger, board historian), and Carol Ann (magazine managing editor) for a fun, conversation podcast featuring Mormon/LDS feminism. Exponent II online events are also recorded into podcast episodes, including craft writing workshops and magazine launch parties. 

Episodes have included our discussion of romance novels, interviews with feminist historians Nancy Ross and Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, the art of revision craft writing workshop with Dayna Patterson, and the Summer 2023 Magazine launch party, celebrating the contributing writers and artists for the upcoming Summer 2023 issue of the magazine. 

Find us by searching “Exponent II: The Podcast” wherever you listen to podcasts; here are the direct links for 

Apple and Spotify.

Have a question you want us to explore on the podcast? Send us a voice memo or email to podcast(at) 


  1. It’s great to hear Laurel’s voice! I’m super excited to listen to these others, too, but I’m so glad to be able to listen to more conversations with our founding Sisters who’ve been working so hard for all these years.

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