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Detail of “A Key Was Turned in the Latter Days” by Page Turner

Exponent II’s logo states that it has been “publishing Mormon women’s voices since 1974.” Our board was deliberate with those words.  While we typically think of Exponent II as a forum for writers, art has become a critical piece of Exponent’s pages.  It adds immeasurably to the beauty and depth of the magazine.  Our Art Editor considers pieces carefully in order to find art that works as a partner with the essay, bringing out new meanings in the art and new layers in the writing.  We are proud to have showcased a variety of incredible Mormon women artists such as Cassandra Barney, Emily McPhie, Caitlin Connolly, Rose Datoc Dall, Valerie Atkisson, and Kathleen Peterson.  We’re equally proud to have included untrained artists and young artists, who have filled our pages with beautiful images and fascinating voices.

Exponent II is a great forum for sharing your art.  It offers a chance for artists to show their work to thousands of readers online and in print.  We will, of course, include your name and send you a print copy of the magazine so you can share it with friends or in your studio. We want to see what you do.  Please contact our Art Editor, Page Turner, at 1pageturner AT gmail DOT com.  We look sharing your work with the Exponent II community.

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