“The Road Not Taken” – Winter 2024 Call for Contest Submissions

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference. Most people are familiar with...

Call for Sacrament Meeting Talks: Magazine Sabbath Pastoral Feature

If you gave, or heard, a compelling talk recently, please send it our way! We welcome all submissions and are especially interested in sacrament meeting talks from international voices and from marginalized and underrepresented folks.

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The Illusion of Separateness

And then I realized that unrestrained, unopposed, and unquestioned oneness is unrealistic and harmful. This origin myth is less about why we speak different languages and more about moral human development: maturing from simplicity to complexity. It is about the divine need for moral diversity.

Young Women Lesson: How Can I Follow the Savior’s Example in Helping Those in Need?

How can I be more Christlike in my service to others? I think we often use “Christlike” as a sort of synonym for “nice and...

Guest Post: Young Women Lesson: How Can the Gospel of Jesus Christ Help Me Strengthen My Family?

Guest post by QueLinda. How Can I Prepare to Establish a Christ-Centered Home? Building the kingdom of God begins with building a righteous home and family....

From the Blog

Why I don’t Expect More Women to Speak at General Conference

Trudy’s post a few weeks ago, Hopes and Predictions for General Conference, sparked my own thoughts about General Conference. I share her hopes, along...

Do your kids know you’ll accept them?

As part of my work, I’ve recently been reading a lot about youth who are in foster care and who identify as LGBTQIA+. My heart has been breaking as I’ve been learning about how many of these kids are in foster care because their families of origin rejected them because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. A lot of these kids also face rejection from their foster families for the same reasons and can end up bouncing from home to home as they get rejected because of their identity. Can you imagine how hard that would be to not feel accepted by your own family?

What We Can Learn from Christlike Missionaries

It’s not enough to wait for the tide of public opinion to swing towards greater inclusion: we should be leading the charge. It’s also not enough to keep our prejudiced thoughts to ourselves but should labor to mitigate and eradicate them as we seek to become eventually perfected. The most Christlike missionaries do this.

Eat, drink and be merry, ladies! Women are exempt from most commandments.

At least, women would be if we interpreted all scriptures the way we interpret those about priesthood ordination.

From the Magazine

“Peter—In that Instant” by Lorraine Jeffrey

In that moment, before he looked down, before Thou art the Christ, before the cock crowed,

“Evaluating Art Choices” by Esther Hi’ilani Candari

Is the 2022 Come, Follow Me manual diverse and inclusive? I often talk about the intersection of art, religion, gender, and race. I believe we...

“Friendship with Christ” by Andrea Porras

Were we actually friends? Or was He more like a benevolent caretaker and I was forever in his debt?

“Shifting Sands” by Andee Bowden

But what makes Lake Michigan sacred isn’t just the water or the lighthouses or the memories. I found my name, myself, on its shores.

“Interwoven” by Melissa-Malcolm King

My braids intertwine with my ancestors’ spirits from around the world, enlightening my pathway. 
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