“Celebrating the Everyday” – Fall 2023 Call for Submissions

For this issue, we celebrate the quotidian, sing odes to the everyday, and honor the seemingly small moments of existence. We look forward to reading your work.

New Blog Series: #InOurOwnWords

Providing a forum for Mormon women's voices has always been central to Exponent II’s mission. In 2021, Exponent modified its mission statement to include the...

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Exponent II

Exponent II has been celebrating Women's History Month in our own way since 1974, so we decided that this month calls for a gathering! Join us at Writ & Vision in Provo, UT on Saturday, March 18 at 7 PM.


Without Dissent, There is Stagnation.

Dissent is a vital aspect of progress but it is not just the voices of those who suffer that create moral and social improvements, it is the powerholders' ability to listen and the united ability of the majority to re-imagine reality together. We are a nation that greatly benefits from dissenters.

Growing Up Mormon and Autistic Coded Female

This piece was commissioned as part of the In Our Own Words series, which seeks to share the voices and experiences of marginalized individuals....

Young Women Lesson: How Can I Grow Closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?

When we talk about the power of Christ, we often talk about these two great miracles: overcoming physical and spiritual death, as well we should, for only Christ has the power to overcome death and save us from our sins. But Christ’s power does not only help us after we die.

From the Blog

When Common Ground is a Minefield

Like the majority of us who grew up queer in the LDS church, I assume Charlie carries a lot of scars. But he also has an enormous amount of privilege with the platform he's been given. While Charlie insists he doesn't "want to be considered a standard for anyone else," he voluntarily took on the role of token good gay. He is still volunteering for that job by preaching unity and collaboration without the cessation of harm.

A Thousand Thousand Reasons

"There are a thousand thousand reasons to live this life, every one of them sufficient." - Marilynn Robinson, Gilead, 243

Just Food: Diet Culture and Faith Practices

Content Warning: I’m going to talk about food and the body in this piece. If you are suffering or have suffered from disordered eating...

On Being in the Middle of Trials

I've been on a leave of absence in blogging for the last six-ish months because of some chaos in my personal life. I had...

From the Magazine

“To Ukraine With Love”— An Interview with Svitlana Miller

The mission of To Ukraine With Love is to “Help the people on the ground in Ukraine outlast their invaders.” Hope is something people in Ukraine cannot afford to lose.

“Peter—In that Instant” by Lorraine Jeffrey

In that moment, before he looked down, before Thou art the Christ, before the cock crowed,

“Home” by Kameron Abilla

and with this lineage I run my hands over my stomach, my thighs, hug my cheeks. whisper, I love you.

“Interwoven” by Melissa-Malcolm King

My braids intertwine with my ancestors’ spirits from around the world, enlightening my pathway. 

“Evaluating Art Choices” by Esther Hi’ilani Candari

Is the 2022 Come, Follow Me manual diverse and inclusive? I often talk about the intersection of art, religion, gender, and race. I believe we...
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