Illuminating Ladies: A Coloring Book of Mormon Women


Illuminating Ladies: A Coloring Book of Mormon Women: Pre-order today!

In honor of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Relief Society, Exponent II is thrilled to release a coloring book celebrating the lives of Mormon women from the Restoration to the modern day.

Illustrations include figures of pioneering women who are both familiar and less well known, like Jane Manning James, Amy Brown Lyman, Julia Nompi Mavimbela, Emma Smith, and Eliza R. Snow.


  • 25 unique illustrations with full-page bios of each woman
  • Index of further reading about each woman in the back of the book
  • “My Hero” page, so each reader can add the woman they wish we would have in the book
  • Great for Girls Camp, a YW moving up gift, a baptism gift, Mothers Day gift or Sacrament meeting activity

Coloring books are now available for purchase in our shop.

Beautifully illustrated by Molly Cannon Hadfield with accompanying biographical sketches written by members of the Exponent II community, this coloring book offers both the young and young at heart a lovely new way to learn more about these inspiring Saints.

Other FAQS:

  • The text of the bios is written at around a 12 year old level. There are brief mentions of polygamy and the priesthood ban against people of African descent.
  • All proceeds go to Exponent II
  • Includes: Amy Brown Lyman, Aurelia Spencer Rogers, Belle Smith Spafford, Chieko Okazaki, Desideria Quintanar de Yanez, Elaine Cannon, Eliza R. Snow, Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Emma Liljenquist & Ellis Reynolds Shipp, Emma Hale Smith, Emmeline B Wells, Esther Eggertsen Peterson, Claudia Bushman, Judith Dushku, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Fannie Nampeyo, Hannah Kaaepa Lowe, Inez Knight & Jennie Brimhall, Jane Manning James, Julia Nompi Mavimbela, Lucy Mack Smith, Martha Hughes Cannon
    Mary Elizabeth & Caroline Rollins, Mary Fielding Smith, Minerva Teichert and Sarah Granger Kimball