Heavenly Mother’s Day: Jehovah Speaks Of His Mother In Heaven

  The Book of Jesus, Chapter 1 Jehovah Speaks of His Mother in Heaven   1. In the beginning I was The Word, creation, spoken by Mother. I was in...

Heavenly Mother’s Day: Carol Lynn Pearson & The Interfaith Search For The Divine Feminine

Here we are, approaching Mother’s Day 2015, filling with stories of Heavenly Mother. We testify of Her love. We wonder aloud about Her...

In The Meantime: Finding A Personal Ministry

This post is my last as a regular contributor to The-Exponent blog. My time here has been a profound and delightful blessing. Exponent women...

Poetry Sundays: Descending Theology: The Crucifixion

". . . for me, one of the greatest gifts Christ gave us was the comfort of His last words on the cross: His testimony that someone kind and nurturing is waiting to receive us home. . ."

Christmas Series: We Are The Sound Of Water

"We’ve made our way to a time and place where nothing magic seems to happen anymore. Caught in the current, we are swaddled in mystery. . ."

Digging Deeper: The Future of Mormon Feminism Part 2

Click here for Part 1 Waking Up I vividly remember an experience with my youngest daughter who was around four-years-old at the time. I was using...

Digging Deeper: The Future of Mormon Feminism Part 1

Part one of two posts.    Introduction Maybe you won’t identify with this story. Maybe by the grace of God you escaped the curse of cultural or...

Poetry Sundays: Who The Meek Are Not

"My agency, my power to choose, and to have an effect on the world, is only as useful as my willingness to surrender that power to God. . ."
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