Illuminating Ladies: A Coloring Book of Mormon Women, 2nd Edition





The expected ship date for all pre-orders is December 10th. Please understand there may be printing or shipping delays beyond our control due to COVID-19.

Exponent II is thrilled to announce a second edition of Illuminating Ladies: A Coloring Book of Mormon Women. The first edition was printed in 2017 in honor of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Relief Society to celebrate the lives of Mormon women from the Restoration to the modern day. The first edition has since sold out.

Illustrations and full-page bios include figures of pioneering women who are both familiar and less well known, like Jane Manning James, Amy Brown Lyman, Julia Nompi Mavimbela, Emma Smith, and Eliza R. Snow. The second edition includes all 25 women from the first edition as well as two new women: Olene Smith Walker and Perla del Carmen Sepulveda Rivera Garcia.

Beautifully illustrated by Molly Cannon Hadfield with accompanying biographical sketches written by members of the Exponent II community, this coloring book offers both the young and young at heart a lovely new way to learn more about these inspiring Saints.

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