Statement from the Exponent II Board Regarding Retreat Pricing May 2019

In our effort to be transparent, we wanted to inform you of some necessary changes to our annual retreat pricing.

It is always our goal to keep the Exponent II retreat affordable while also being financially sustainable for the organization. We are mindful of our community’s important need to commune together, and we strive to accommodate personal needs and limitations so you, our sisters, can attend.

Over the last several years, the retreat has been running at a financial loss. In order to keep attendees’ costs low, pricing has previously been such that Exponent II has heavily subsidized dorm room accommodations and been in deficit overall.

The retreat pricing is changing this year for three reasons:

  1. Exponent II does not have an endowment or a steady revenue source that makes it sustainable long-term to lose money on the retreat, especially given the herculean efforts it requires;
  2. The Barbara C. Harris Conference Center is raising our rates due to their own rising costs;
  3. Some attendees have both physical and financial constraints and need a non-dorm room but may struggle to afford one. Exponent II wants to ensure equitable access to necessary accommodations for all.

With the goals of affordability and sustainability in mind, when you register, you will notice two tiers of pricing for each room type: standard and subsidized. We are asking you to pay according to what you feel is most appropriate for your circumstances. Each attendee’s selected pricing tier will remain private. A free magazine subscription is not included with your registration. We would be happy to renew your subscription online or at the retreat.

Exponent II has ideas for the retreat that we would like to implement, such as retreat scholarships and stipends for workshop presenters. We hope that as the retreat becomes self-sustaining, these ideas will be able to come to fruition. We continue to rely on the hundreds of volunteer woman-hours that make our retreat possible, for which we are endlessly grateful.

We thank you for your generous support of Exponent II.