Women Doctors, Volume 2, Number 1 (September 1975)

Women Doctors
The Woman’s Exponent excerpt: July 15, 1882

Dr. Romania B. Pratt, who returned from New York early in the month of June, has opened an office next to Dr. Benedict’s, on Main Street in Godbe, Pitts, and Co.’s Building.  While in the East recently she studied under some of the most renowned specialists in the eye and ear, nose and throat.  She has also made obstetrics and diseases of women a special study.  Dr. Pratt’s office is well fitted up with all needful appliances for her profession, and she has the newest and best inventions of instruments necessary for the delicate surgical operation in her class of work upon the eye and ear, as also the needful articles for practical work.  Mrs. Pratt graduated from the Women’s Medical College in Philadelphia more than five years ago, and commenced practice in this city shortly after, having become widely and favorably known among physicians and among the people.  Dr. Pratt is connected with the Deseret Hospital.

Dr. E.S. Barney is another woman physician who has more recently attained the title of M.D. and is now prepared to practice.  With about half a dozen ladies who have graduated with honors, in the medical progression, and others now in some of the best colleges and universities in the United States, Utah may certainly make a fair showing of women doctors.  We would hail with gladness at times when more attention would be paid by young women to the studies of physiology and anatomy, for their own improvement and the benefit of the next generation. 

Let us by all means have more lectures on these topics, and use an influence to have them well attended, that the daughters of Zion may become acquainted with their own organism and the laws of life and health, that a foundation may be laid for the prolongation of human life and much pain and suffering be avoided, through intelligent knowledge on these subjects.