Volume 23, Number 4 (Summer 2000)

A Season to Celebrate by Kate Holbrook

She’ll Be Driving Six White Horses When She Comes by Diann Brown

Alone by Suzanne Hawes

Our Little Pink Home in the West by Claudia Bushman

Between Here and There by Emma Lou Thayne

The Lie by Phyllis Dansie

Shall I Dye My Hair Gray? by Wanda C. Badger

The Bench at Castle Crags Rock by Emma Lou Thayne
Lorica for Sue Hawes by Mary Bradford
Coming Apart Together by Mary Bradford

Jane Christensen Speaks Out

In the Night by Darlene Young
Essay Contest Honorable Mention

My Sister, My Friend by Gladys Farmer
Essay Contest Honorable Mention

Mortality Stew by Linda Hoffman Kimball
Goodness Gracious

Letters to the Editor