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“Home” by Kameron Abilla

and with this lineage I run my hands over my stomach, my thighs, hug my cheeks. whisper, I love you.

“To Ukraine With Love”— An Interview with Svitlana Miller

The mission of To Ukraine With Love is to “Help the people on the ground in Ukraine outlast their invaders.” Hope is something people in Ukraine cannot afford to lose.

“Shifting Sands” by Andee Bowden

But what makes Lake Michigan sacred isn’t just the water or the lighthouses or the memories. I found my name, myself, on its shores.

“Peter—In that Instant” by Lorraine Jeffrey

In that moment, before he looked down, before Thou art the Christ, before the cock crowed,

“Friendship with Christ” by Andrea Porras

Were we actually friends? Or was He more like a benevolent caretaker and I was forever in his debt?

“Humanity Does Not Ask Us to Be Happy…” by Emma Tueller Stone

“It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf.” This quote is from a dog-eared page in a well-worn copy of Ender’s Game that...

“Submission vs Subjection” by Sarah Lindsay

I grew up believing that to love meant to submit, and that to submit meant giving up everything I thought, felt, or cared about...

“Evaluating Art Choices” by Esther Hi’ilani Candari

Is the 2022 Come, Follow Me manual diverse and inclusive? I often talk about the intersection of art, religion, gender, and race. I believe we...

“Interwoven” by Melissa-Malcolm King

My braids intertwine with my ancestors’ spirits from around the world, enlightening my pathway. 

“Choosing to Serve a Mission” by Kendra Bybee and Sareta Dobbs

Imagine my astonishment when, after nosing through my mother’s old books and journals, I discovered that my mother, my introverted, fame-avoiding mother, was the first Black woman to receive her mission call for the church.
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