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The Perfect Mormon Queer

Guest Post author bio Jaq Green lives with their polycule and menagerie in the New England woods. They spend some of their time writing...

It’s Time to Shift Our Testimony Language Away from Exclusive Truth Rhetoric

Instead, let me hear in testimony meeting about how being a part of this church community has helped to expand your heart and broaden your capacity to love. Tell me about your regrets, your pain, your struggles, and your hope. Tell me about experiences in life that helped you develop compassion. Let me hear about how stories from sacred texts have led to personal insight. Tell me how this tradition has helped you to heal wounds, enhance vision, and find goodness in life.

Young Women Lesson: How Do the Savior’s Teachings Help Me Make Righteous Judgments? Matthew 6-7

This lesson, like many lessons for Young Women class, requires a choice. Is your lesson going to be based on the lesson title or...

“Creando mundos con una hoja de papel” — Entrevista con Susana I. Silva por Andrea Porras

Silva recibió el premio Exponent II en el 2021 Certain Women Art Show Te formaste como pintora y ahora utilizas el corte de papel como...
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