Why Bishop Waddell’s 60 Minutes Response Felt So Wrong

Does Jesus really want us to be fabulously wealthy, with beautiful stained glass windows in our temple, gorgeous artwork and enormous stockpiles of cash invested and growing as large as humanly possible? Or did Jesus teach those who follow his teachings to forsake our riches, give everything we have to the poor, and follow him? Which direction are we headed right now?

What Would Jesus Think About the 60 Minutes Story?

We have to be willing to walk right into poverty to pay our tithing to the church, yet they are somehow justified in holding massive amounts of wealth just for their own feelings of security? What if a member told their bishop they were no longer paying tithing because they were saving it for their own retirement, just like the church isn’t using much of its own money to bless the poor because it’s saving it for its own future use? The Jesus I know didn’t ask his followers to pay tithing to him in their poverty to enable him to invest in multi-billion dollar business ventures.

Tell Me Her Name

In a religion that names and renames, that blesses with names at birth and in all our sacred spaces, that repeats those names in whispers, this religion is built on a tradition that tore the names from women, buried them in the desert along with their whispered stories, their prayers and visions. Silent and silenced, our nameless matriarchs have become a pillar of salt.

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