The Zelmgid, A Story About Kindness For Primary

This is the best story/lesson/sharing time I have found that teaches kindness, acceptance of differences, and self-love. It is entertaining and silly enough to keep children's attention and tender enough to teach a lesson.

“Welcome to Primary” Teacher Packet

This is the "Welcome to Primary" teacher packet I give to each teacher called into my ward's Primary. Feel free to edit it and make it your own or just use it as a launching board for the culture you want to create in your primary.

Equality in Primary

Because of this small pocket of freedom in a patriarchal church, primary has become a sanctuary for me, a sacred, loud, bubbling place where age and biological sex are just pieces of who we are and not yet used as incriminating evidence to divide us from each other. 

The Holy Ghost as an Ambassador

My fourth child was recently baptized and he asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. This has actually been my role...

It’s Time to Re-think The Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

Every year, LDS children ages 3 to 11 years old are conscripted into performing a “Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation” for the adults of their...
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