Without Dissent, There is Stagnation.

Dissent is a vital aspect of progress but it is not just the voices of those who suffer that create moral and social improvements, it is the powerholders' ability to listen and the united ability of the majority to re-imagine reality together. We are a nation that greatly benefits from dissenters.

The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning: A different kind of General Conference

And as I chatted with younger leaders (basically anyone under 50) from different places in the hallways, at meals, and between sessions, the feelings of frustration, hope, discouragement, and possibility bubbled over. Other people my age really care about this stuff. At the next World Conference, we're going to be prepared with new legislative proposals reflecting the changes we would like to see. The frustrations of today will not go to waste. The Spirit of God like a fire is burning. Its just a slower burn than I'd like to see.

Women’s Lamentations

How can women be full partners when men will not promote them from associates? How can women organize when men must authorize every action? How can women inspire when they are crushed by patriarchy?

Guest Post: My Tattoo and For the Strength of Youth

In my life, I’ve said hundreds of prayers about wanting a tattoo. As a missionary, I fasted and prayed that the rules would change, or my desire for one would go away.

The Unwritten Order of Things and the For The Strength of Youth Updates #myFSY

When I read some of the changes to the For the Strength of Youth standards, they seemed like a move in the right direction. I wondered, however, will the reduction in explicit rules create unwritten rules that the youth are somehow supposed to figure out and live by? Or will they be given the necessary leeway to make their own choices and still find belonging at church?

Playing Sacrament

I could not conscientiously prohibit my daughter's actions. I want her to explore a world where she has the power to create meaningful spiritual experiences. I want her to experience a connection with God in the way that is most intuitive to her. I want her to experiment with the ways she can use her mind and body to connect with divinity.

Today is the Day

Today, people will send thoughts and prayers. Today, people will plead for unity. And tomorrow, we'll have another mass shooting.

95 Theses, Five Years Later

  Five hundred and five years ago, Martin Luther is reported to have nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church....
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