Women’s Lamentations

How can women be full partners when men will not promote them from associates? How can women organize when men must authorize every action? How can women inspire when they are crushed by patriarchy?

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This Mormon woman was imprisoned (and so was her baby!) for refusing to testify against her ex.

So why didn't she just testify and let that deadbeat go to jail?

Black History Month: The Memphis State Eight

She eventually decided to enroll at Memphis State. On her first day, she was told that she wasn’t allowed in the library, the gym, the cafeteria, or any other shared spaces on campus. She was to come at 8am and leave by noon every day. She was to sit in the back of her classes with a police officer next to her. She soon learned that no matter how many times she raised her hand, the professors would never call on her. 

Black Voices

She declares that “In pursuit of liberation, we do not need to pine after the power of our oppressor, we have to long for our own power to be fully realized. We don’t want to steal and dominate someone else’s land, we want agency in reclaiming and establishing our own spaces . . . We don’t want to silence . . . we want to be believed.” 

New resources to study (and share) the teachings of Mormon feminist icons Eliza R. Snow and Emmeline B. Wells

At the Exponent, we have long advocated that teachers in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) quote women as frequently as...

Did Brigham Young Disband the Relief Society in 1845? I Don’t Think So

I first presented my argument challenging the claim that Brigham Young disbanded the Relief Society at the Mormon History Association conference in 2021. I...

Temple Matron: No Husband Required

I was working my way through Saints, Volume 3 when I stumbled across this bombshell in Chapter 15: “...Armenia Lee had an interview with...
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