My Testimony of Mormon Feminism

The kinds of creative navigation of choices that I have seen discussed and modeled in Mormon feminism have served me well in life. I can acquiesce to expectations, I can resist expectations, I can create or find other options that allow me to preserve my integrity.

Things We Don’t Talk About in Sunday School

I rarely attend Sunday School anymore. LDS Sunday School is for sharing comfortable, pat answers created to support doctrinal cohesion. We do not meet...

Creating Belonging in a New Ward

How would you go about creating a ward culture that is loving, inclusive, and charitable?

Blood Money

I don’t regret paying tithing - even during tight financial times. But I do regret that I was misled about where my money was going. I just blindly donated to the church and assumed that my money was being put to good use.

Be Perfect: It’s About Love.

This past Sunday the Come, Follow Me lesson for Sunday School was based on Matthew 5-6 which includes the Sermon on the Mount and...

Breaking Our Silence About the Temple

I thought to myself, “Why can’t I just ask my former young women these questions? Why are we friends on Facebook, liking each other’s posts and commenting on new babies and vacations, occasionally running into each other in person and enthusiastically greeting each other with big hugs, but always wondering just below the surface, “Were you okay with the temple? Were you uncomfortable with what happened to you there? Do you have questions that don’t have answers?” I never reach out and ask though, because I’m afraid of the answer. What if they reject me and I lose our relationship by asking them these questions?

Revelation: the churchy way to say “idea”

We throw the word “revelation” around quite carelessly in LDS congregations. Are we actually talking about ideas?

Guest Post: Going Through the Motions

Guest Post by Elizabeth Cranford Garcia. Elizabeth Cranford Garcia’s work has most recently appeared in Tar River Poetry, Tinderbox Poetry, Irreantum, Wayfare, and Anti-Heroin...
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