Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me: John 14-17 “Continue Ye in My Love”

Many of the other Come Follow Me lessons cover sections of text that have distinct stories from Jesus’ ministry or parables. That’s not the case with John 14-17. This week’s reading is three chapters of doctrine. There is so much beauty packed into these three chapters.

Come Follow Me: Matthew 26; Mark 14; John 13 “In Remembrance”Come Follow Me:

I’ve broken today’s lesson into two main parts: “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” and “The Last Supper.” I plan to use this lesson plan for guiding my own family scripture study. Therefore, I’ve broken things up into very small chunks where we can just focus on one part of the stories as we read them. For example, we’ll likely focus on each of the 4 themes I listed under “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” on 4 separate days. If you are using this plan for a lesson at church, just pick and choose what makes sense for your class.

Come Follow Me: Acts 6–9 “What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?”

Too often, women's labor, like Tabitha's, is unacknowledged and undervalued by our societies. However, this is exactly the kind of work that Christ encouraged of everyone to do, whether male or female.

Come Follow Me: Matthew 14; Mark 6; John 5–6 “Be Not Afraid”

This lesson plan is written for you to use in a class or at home. If you use it at home, I suggest just taking various segments a day at a time and discussing them as a family or on your own in your journal (my family usually does a segment a night over the dinner table). Don’t try to do the full lesson at once - it’s meant to be taken in smaller chunks. If you use it for a class at church, I suggest just choosing a segment or two to focus on during the lesson.

Come Follow Me: Matthew 8, Mark 2-4, and Luke 7 “Thy Faith Hath Saved Thee”

Who did Jesus always heal, touch, greet, meet, eat with, bless, teach, and commune with? Always. Every time? It’s not the righteous. It’s not the rule followers. It’s the sinners. The sick. It’s everyone who knows they are sick, those too weak to pretend or hide behind righteous appearances, those who tell their histories and shady stories, the ones who recognize the extent of their wounds, and those who allow others to be sinners, too. 

Be Perfect: It’s About Love.

This past Sunday the Come, Follow Me lesson for Sunday School was based on Matthew 5-6 which includes the Sermon on the Mount and...

Come Follow Me: Matthew 6-7 “He Taught Them as One Having Authority”

The various passages of Matthew 6-7 are some of the most well known parts of scripture. They are also packed full of things you can discuss.

Come Follow Me: Matthew 4; Luke 4–5 “The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me”

In Luke 4, we see three examples of Jesus Christ perfectly overcoming the temptation. We can learn from his example and seek to overcome temptations in the same way, but none of us will accomplish this perfectly like he did.
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