Guest Post: #ReconstructingFaith After the Dam Breaks

So, as soon as I ran into “issues” I started to build. One brick at a time. But the more I tried to stop the flow, the heavier the weight. Eventually, I had built a dam fortress and lived in denial of the mass of water rising on the other side. 

Creating Belonging in a New Ward

How would you go about creating a ward culture that is loving, inclusive, and charitable?

Guest Post: Menopause Changed my Body, Mind, and Relationship with God

Because, at age 48, I slammed into menopause. It altered me physically. It impacted my job. It affected my interactions with others. And it dramatically changed my relationship with God.

It’s Time to Shift our Testimony Language Away from Exclusive Truth Rhetoric

Instead, let me hear in testimony meeting about how being a part of this church community has helped to expand your heart and broaden your capacity to love. Tell me about your regrets, your pain, your struggles, and your hope. Tell me about experiences in life that helped you develop compassion. Let me hear about how stories from sacred texts have led to personal insight. Tell me how this tradition has helped you to heal wounds, enhance your vision, and find goodness in life.

Guest Post: Heavenly Mother in the Uncertainty of Perimenopause

For the last few years, a female friend and I have compared Perimenopause symptoms the way that our younger selves compared rock bands. I have more regular semi-existential crises; she has the hot flashes. Both of us are too young for this experience and too educated to ignore it exactly. Relating to a Heavenly Mother and Divine Motherhood in general in a culture steeped in the quest for the Fountain of Youth (and fertility) raises more questions and uncertainty then answers and security. Heavenly Mother is more of a question mark than the ultimate answer.

Blood Money

I don’t regret paying tithing - even during tight financial times. But I do regret that I was misled about where my money was going. I just blindly donated to the church and assumed that my money was being put to good use.

Playing Sacrament

I could not conscientiously prohibit my daughter's actions. I want her to explore a world where she has the power to create meaningful spiritual experiences. I want her to experience a connection with God in the way that is most intuitive to her. I want her to experiment with the ways she can use her mind and body to connect with divinity.

Be Perfect: It’s About Love.

This past Sunday the Come, Follow Me lesson for Sunday School was based on Matthew 5-6 which includes the Sermon on the Mount and...
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