Welcome, Corktree!

We are thrilled to announce that Corktree has joined Exponent as a permablogger. She has been an insightful commenter and a wonderful guest poster. Check out this post and this post to see her work. Welcome, Corktree!

She describes herself as follows: Corktree is an emerging feminist struggling to find peace as she seeks truth.  She has three strong headed daughters, an infant son and a patiently supportive husband.   Aside from her family, she is passionate about science and natural health practices and hopes to merge those with her feminist vision by going into practice as a midwife when her children are all in school.

Caroline has a PhD in religion and studies Mormon women.


  1. Ah! Jealous! How did you guys snag Corktree?

    Corktree, you’re amazing, and I always love it love it love it when you chime in on things. I’m really excited to see your stuff here.

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