Virtual Oases, June 24

And just because: Street Art


  1. That Pew Study (Mormons really believe in heaven) was more disturbing to me than I thought. (I checked it out last night)
    The worst was the question about holding on to traditional beliefs vs embracing new ideas. Mormon’s outscored the JWs on that one more than on any other question.

  2. that pew survey is absolutely fascinating. and a little discouraging in some respects. need to process a bit more. i wonder if there’s anyway to access past years of that survey for a comparative analysis. i’ll have to look into that.

  3. Bree, yes, another Prop 22 is what we’re all afraid of. Though I have it on good authority that the leaders won’t be as systematic about getting people to make the calls and canvas neighborhoods with signs.

    My friends will be wearing rainbow ribbons this week in church to show support for our gay friends.

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