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In 2003, religion journalist Peggy Fletcher Stack wrote a much-discussed article for the Salt Lake Tribune entitled: “Where Have All the Mormon Feminists Gone?” In many ways, the question echoed that of other second-wave feminists who bemoaned the seeming apathy of the rising generations.  Where were these new feminists?  Well, increasingly, we were online, organizing, talking, sharing, building bridges.

Which brings me to last week, when Ms. Stack published an important addendum to her 2003 article, this time calling it: Mormon Feminism: It’s Back. Check it out — it’s a fascinating read.

The same issue of the paper highlights the rebirth of the Exponent Magazine. Yay!

Have you enjoyed the fabulous Mormon Women Project?  Here’s some background on the website.

Carol Lynn Pearson wrote an piece for Young Women’s Camp, and Reese got special permission to share it with the rest of us: “To the YW, Love Joan of Arc.”

Have you seen WAVE’s new website? What is WAVE, you ask? Click here.

Margaret Blair Young and Darius Aiden Gray team up to write, “The Colorful LDS Future,” a look at diversity in the 21st century church.

A great take on Sunday School Lesson #31: Sophia of the Proverbs and the Feminine Divine

What did you read this week?  Feel free to add your own links in the comments.

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