To Someone

God would be the first to
agree that we should’ve been friends by now
but there is always that awkwardness,
really. Or,
it is just me?

Even our children sense it, their
little faces with some knowing quality
like lifting light with their

I dreamed I was visiting
your house
while your children napped
and you were anything but awkward
with my own never napping son.
You were preparing food with chit chat
& you were two people at once,
the real and the imagined you. And you were
her. The friendly myth. Quiet sound.
Bumping my knee.

Feel free to leave comments, questions, and feedback. I appreciate critical and complimentary both. Also, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Brooke Jones
Brooke Jones
I am a youth services librarian. I have 2 kids. I obsess about writing and about making things.


  1. Oh I think I get this one, emotionally — that woman (even that terrible phrase “girl crush?”) who is almost there, almost a friend, friendly, but our energies aren’t quite in sync (though I admire her intellect and poise to the point of longing); what is it about her that makes me insecure and awkward when I feel like we could stumble into a really great kinship — that we could talk about Jane Austen and malignant moles and mother-issues? I can think of such a woman at every stage of my life!

  2. Of course I am totally curious who your someone is, but maybe that’s better left unanswered. 🙂

    There have been many people (both men and women) who I wanted desperately to be closer to, but I just can’t seem to move from smalltalk to intimate talk. Sometimes I think it’s just me. Sometimes I think, in general, we’re all just too busy or too afraid of being vulnerable. Or I’ve wondered if maybe I’m just not the kind of person that people want to be close to??

  3. I like the idea that the “we” is you and God. Sometimes I think my kids know there’s some awkwardness there between me and God. The friendly myth, you know.

  4. Great comments, all. Thank you!

    Jana, I won’t reveal who I wrote the poem about specifically, but it could technically be any number of people. Though, if you corner me on the topic this weekend…

    Deborah, well said. I love the way you describe the awkwardness paired with the possibility of “Jane Austen and malignant moles and mother-issues” conversations.

    John, I like your interpretation and how it differs from the others. It is a good sign, to me, that the poem could speak to/of a variety of issues.

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