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Welcome to the Exponent II blog. We have begun this blog in an effort to support the Exponent II magazine, which for years has provided a forum for Mormon women to openly and compassionately share their diverse experiences with each other. Begun in 1974 in the midst of the Women’s Movement, this independent Mormon women’s magazine continues to feature personal essays which often highlight women’s concerns.

Just as the Exponent II frequently quoted and republished original articles from The Women’s Exponent, this blog will frequently feature seminal articles from the Exponent II. We hope that LDS women and Exponent II readers will share their insights and reactions so that we might empower each other through our diverse experiences.

Jana is a university administrator and teaches History. Her soloblog is


  1. I understand the reacton to Boyd K. Pcker’s talk about homosexualtiy. I understand the thousands picketing. What I don’t understand is “ain’t I a member?” Where is the outrage about Dallin Oaks talk about the Priesthood being in charge? Over half of the membership of the church is denied full fellowship because they are “born a woman.” I find it interesting that there is so much outrage about homosexuality and none–no demonstrators–not even a sneeze about the fact that woman are denied the power that runs the church based on one thing. . . not spirituality or religiousity or capable adult thought—but simply because they are born a woman God does not communicate with them in the same way. God wants his male children to develop doctrine and trust that women will continue to accept their second class status. Where are the people lying end-to-end of that one? Seriously, are we all so brain dead or might I say brainwashed, that we can’t see the discrimination? How is it different than homosexuals, not to mention that we “really” only care about “gays” who are generally thought of as male homosexuals. Are we really not interested in organized discrimination?

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