The “Best Books”: Summer 2022 Call for Submissions

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In D&C 88:118, readers are invited to seek “out the best books” and to “seek learning, even by study and also by faith.” Beyond scripture, what books have shaped your life or impacted your spiritual journey?

Do you have a childhood book that shaped your world, or maybe one that you re-read as an adult with a totally different view? What about a protagonist (or antagonist) who changed the way you experienced gender expectations? How has a certain book changed your life, and what characters have followed you through a time of crisis? When has strong disagreement with a book clarified your own beliefs? You are welcome to reflect on your relationship to books of scripture but also any book, no matter the genre or form, so long as you anchor your story in your lived experience.

Submissions should conform to the mission of Exponent II and follow the submission guidelines. They can be up to 2,400 words (with 1,400 words often being the sweet spot). Send us your work by April 15, 2022.

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