“The Art of Losing” – Summer 2023 Call for Magazine Submissions

As poet Elizabeth Bishop wisely wrote, “the art of losing isn’t hard to master.” Our human experience is punctuated (and sometimes overwhelmed) by loss: everything from baby teeth to childhood homes, from sentimental objects to long-held plans, from versions of ourselves to—ultimately—some of our dearest loved ones. What do we learn when we examine the shards of our griefs, small and large? What losses have become surprising blessings? What dreams or stories get reimagined or discarded in pursuit of something realer and new? What do these legacies imprint on us, and who are we when we emerge? What do you still long for?

We look forward to learning from you. To submit work for this Summer 2023 issue, please follow the guidelines on by April 15, 2023.

(Photo by Jandira Sonnendeck on Unsplash)

Rachel Rueckert is the current editor in chief of the Exponent II Magazine. She is the author of EAST WINDS.


  1. Beautiful theme. I had planned to write something and ended up not finishing it, so.dod not submit, but I appreciate the chance to.pomder this theme. It was helpful and healing to me!

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