Sacred Music: a New Series on The Exponent

sacred musicOn Sunday after our most recent General Conference, I was pooped. The concern for my sisters at Priesthood session on Saturday and a few talks that hadn’t gone quite as I hoped left me feeling depleted. I should have turned off my computer because I only seemed to find things on Facebook and various blogs that made me more upset until I stumbled on Kristine’s post at BCC featuring “Not One Sparrow is Forgotten.” It was a balm in Gilead, and I was reminded how music has the ability to not only help us feel the Spirit but provide comfort in a way that spoken or written words can’t.

With this idea in mind, we’ve started a new Exponent II Pinterest board, “Sacred Music” (you knew we’re on Pinterest, right? Thanks to TopHat we have a variety of categories, including “Feminists of Other Faiths” and “Women in and of the World” as well as every blog post from The Exponent.).

On there, you’ll see the YouTube of the “Not One Sparrow is Forgotten” in Kristine’s post and also “O Divine Redeemer” featured in mraynes’ post, “Ah! Turn Me Not Away.

We’ve included some music from our exceptional and newly revised Exponent II retreat songbook and look forward to adding more music and hope to expand the definition of sacred music with suggestions from our readers and friends.

With this start to our collection and to ensure that more music is added, The Exponent blog is starting a new series where we invite you to write a blog post about your favorite piece of sacred music. Why is it significant for you? When was the first time it touched you? How does it make you feel?

This will be an ongoing series on the first Sunday of every month with no deadline–just whenever you feel inspired. Please send your guest post to [email protected].

EmilyCC lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her spouse and three children. She currently serves as a stake Just Serve specialists, and she recently returned to school to become a nurse. She is a former editor of Exponent II and a founding blogger at The Exponent.


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