Sacred Christmas Music Monday

I know that with the inability to sing in large groups, many people are missing their traditional Messiah Sing-along. I participate in the Temple Hill Symphony Orchestra that usually performs in the auditorium up at the Oakland Temple and this year we created a virtual sing-along for you to watch or sing with. It’d be a great FHE activity and something nice to share with your friends and family for #LightTheWorld.

Full disclosure, I play the timpani for this. I joined the orchestra as an oboist, but there already was an oboist and an English horn player so I’ve also picked up some of the percussion parts since I’ve been taking drum lessons for the past 2 years. Recording the timpani part was tricky and you end up seeing a lot of my back when I’m on the screen. I had to get to the stake center to access the timpani and record it all in a single night- which is hard when you mess up and and want to start over! It’s also why I was up at the stake center using the restrooms.

I hope you enjoy the recording. I felt so disheveled recording it and I imagine the other musicians did too- but it came out pretty nice! The link for the choir music is here so you can sing along.

Heather Moore-Farley
Heather Moore-Farley
TopHat is putting her roots down in the Bay Area with her husband and three children. She loves the earth, yarn, and bicycling.


  1. Thank you! And I know what you mean about wanting to start over. We’re doing a similar online ward devotional and I was recording my part of a quartet all alone with my earbud in. So I could not just drop out to swallow and jump back in without it being very apparent. The pressure is much greater as a recording that people could play again and again and notice the flaws instead of performing live in a darkened room. I still haven’t heard the final product — it will be as new to me when it airs as for anyone.

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