Relief Society Lesson Plan: True Ministers Focus on the Needs of Others

True Ministers focus on the needs of others

Because the lesson format recommends that we focus on facilitating discussion rather than presenting material, for this lesson plan I’m simply going to create a large variety of discussion questions.

  • What is the best gift you ever received? Who gave it to you and for what occasion? (write answers on the board as a getting to know you activity)
  • What made the gift meaningful to you? What did it tell you about the giver?

How is ministering similar to giving a thoughtful gift?

  • How can you ascertain what someone’s needs are? How can you figure out what kind of ministering is most meaningful to them?
  • What if they aren’t willing or able to articulate their needs? When someone won’t tell you what their goals/hopes/challenges are, how can you figure out how to help them?

One of the ways that we can minister is by defining a role for ourselves, based on what our sister is working on in her life.

  • g. a sister may want an exercise buddy or someone who checks in with her health goals.She may want help being accountable for doing family history work or scripture study.  She may need a friend she can confide in and trust to keep her confidences.
  • Start with yourself. What are youlooking for in a ministering sister? What spiritual or temporal goals do you have? How could a ministering sister help you?
  • Have you talked to your ministering sister about your goals/challenges/desires? What can hold you back from asking a sister for help?
  • We may feel that we’re doing fine that we don’t need How can asking for help anyway draw you closer to Christ or your ministering sister? How have you felt when someone asked you to help them?

Many of us have been ministering following specific guidelines for many years.  Paradigm shift can be hard.

  • If we aren’t reporting in the same way, how can we measure our success/commitment?
  • If sitting for a visit is very important to youbut it isn’t what your ministee needs or wants, how can you let go of feelings of guilt or inadequacy?

Activity on note cards

  • Make a list of the sisters you visit
    • What is one need that each sister has at this time? Be creative if it seems like everything in their life is going fine. We all have needs.
    • What does this person need to come closer to Christ?
      • How can I sustain this person in their efforts to draw closer to Christ?

Becoming friends

  • The goal of the new ministering program is that we develop meaningful relationships.What can help you turn an assignment into a friendship?
  • If you have a friendship, but the relationship is fairly superficial, how can you deepen it and find vulnerability and thus room to serve?



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