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We want everyone who would like a subscription to the Exponent II Magazine to have access, regardless of financial circumstances. To better support our community, we have started a new magazine sponsorship program to pair those in need with those who can donate a year-long subscription.

If you do not subscribe to the magazine because you are unable to afford a subscription at this time, but would like support, apply here.

If you are in a position to sponsor a subscription for someone else, please apply here.

Cover art by Herikita

Any subscriptions that come in before April 27th will receive a copy of the Spring 2021 issue, which dives into the complexity of family history. This forthcoming issue includes a letter from the editor, poetry, personal essays, work by folks such as cover-artist Herikita and featured artist Sara Lynne Lindsay, an interview with historian Ardis E. Parshall, and Sareta Dobbs’s account of being the first Black sister missionary called on an LDS mission—a history which has never been published before.

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