New Blog Series: #InOurOwnWords

Providing a forum for Mormon women’s voices has always been central to Exponent II’s mission. In 2021, Exponent modified its mission statement to include the goal of providing space for gender minorities. We also recognize that traditionally some experiences are privileged over others.

In an effort to amplify marginalized voices, Exponent has commissioned a series of blog posts to highlight these stories and work toward building a more inclusive community. 

In February of 2021, Exponent II publicly committed to spending $5000 toward DEI work. The Exponent organization desires to honor that commitment; supporting writers from marginalized backgrounds and diverse experiences is one step we are taking.

Our goal is to listen and learn. The board plans to read and discuss each post at its monthly meeting—sitting with the truths shared in this series.

Posts will be added monthly. You can access the entire series here

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