Mormon Feminist Daughters and the Fall Issue of Exponent II

feminist daughters submission callMy sister-in-law came bearing gifts a couple weeks ago.  She’s clearing out her basement and had some toys and magazines for my kids and a stack of decades-old Exponent IIs for me.  Some of them were issues I had read before and some were brand new to me.  As soon as I had a moment to myself, I curled up in my comfiest chair and read through them all.  One of the most delightful parts was seeing names that are still engaged in the organization: Cherie Pedersen and Karen Rosenbaum, who are currently on staff as proofreaders; Mary Johnston, who works as one of our wonderful author editors; Kathryn Pritchett, Barbara Dixon, and Dana Haight Cattani, all of whom I’ve corresponded with in the last three months about articles; and Debra Munk, a family friend and a presenter at one of my early Exponent retreats.  Exponent’s roots run so deep, which gives us strength and grounding.

At the same time, reading through the articles made me grateful for the technology and the spread of Mormon feminism that has allowed Exponent II’s contributors to diversify in age, location, and life circumstances.  Every time Pandora and I receive a submission from a writer with a name we don’t recognize, we smile.  Particularly exciting are submissions from young women, a sign that our organization is healthy and growing.

Young Mormon women are confidently doing extraordinary things.  We want to hear their stories and we want to see their art.  The fall issue of Exponent II will have the theme of Mormon Feminist Daughters and will be filled with content from young women in their teens or twenties.  Submissions can be personal essays, poetry, or be one of our features: Sabbath Pastorals, Global Zion, Flannel Board, or Women’s Theology.  Email us if you have an idea and need help developing it.  We are particularly hoping to hear from young artists, so please don’t be shy in sharing your work with us.  Essays should be 700-2500 words in length and the deadline for submissions is June 4.  Email submissions to editor AT exponentii DOT org.


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