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By Lori LeVar Pierce, president of Exponent II

My daughter and I were discussing some progressive Mormon women she had met recently, and she asked me if “they were part of Exponent II” and I realized that I didn’t quite know how to respond to her question. What does it mean to be part of Exponent II?

Exponent II exists to facilitate the sharing of stories from women and other gender minorities. Is Exponent II the group of women who make all this happen or is it anyone who reads the stories that are published in the magazine or on the blog? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. We hope that everyone feels invited to consider themselves part of Exponent II. 

However, if you want to assure your place in Exponent II, there are lots of ways to be part of the group of women who make all this happen. One easy way is to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter. Click here to be added to our subscriber list. This newsletter highlights recent news from the Magazine, the Blog, and the Retreat as well as provides a way for us to highlight things being done by individuals. Subscribe and contribute to our Shoutout section.

Another way is to volunteer your time. You can create content by submitting your work to the magazine or to the blog, and there are lots of other opportunities to help more behind the scenes. Volunteers keep track of magazine subscriptions, mail shop orders, post on social media, provide snacks for the retreat, track finances, run fundraisers, read and edit written submissions, keep histories and scrapbooks, run auctions, call people to dinner at the retreat, judge contests, provide tech support, coordinate magazine printing and mailing, work with guest bloggers and so much more. If you want to spend some volunteer time with an excellent group of women, then send an email to [email protected]. When we look to expand leadership on our board, we look to those currently volunteering time and talents. This may encourage some of you and may scare some of you. If it scares you, no worries. We honor the right of all women to say “yes” or “no” to opportunities if asked. If it encourages you, then all the better!

We are glad you are here and part of our community and hope that some of you will have the time and be willing to make a further investment in our mission.


  1. Yes yes yes! Thanks for writing this up, Lori. The newsletter also highlights the free writing workshops and other events. I help with the magazine and first got my start on the readers committee. I do not love to write, but I love to provide feedback, so even if you don’t identify as a writer in the blog or magazine space, there are ways you can help. If you have any time and interest, we can use your time and efforts to keep sharing the load and promoting voices and experiences of women and people who identify as women and gender minorities wherever they are on their LDS/Mormon spectrum.

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