Important Dates: Summer Issue Launch Party & Fall Call For Submissions

Two important dates to put on your calendar this month:

1) The Summer 2022 Magazine Issue Launch Party – “The ‘Best’ Books” Issue

Come enjoy an hour of incredible readings, art, and community gathering over Zoom on Thursday, July 7 at 6 pm MTN / 8 pm EST. Register:

What is a launch party?

A launch party, common in publishing, is a formal celebration of a forthcoming book or magazine issue—a place where contributors share parts of their work for an audience to honor the hard work they have done. A launch party is like the movie trailer for the issue and a way to build community among contributors and listeners.

What is the agenda?

  • Introduction – the host/moderator welcomes everyone to the group and acknowledges the writers and artists on the call
  • Cover reveal – the first glimpse
  • Letter from Editor – the first glimpse
  • Presentations – each contributor, depending on the number participating, will receive up to 4 minutes to present. Writers will read a portion of their work and artists will share an image to discuss
  • Q&A – With host acting as moderator
  • Conclusion

2) “Friendship” Fall Issue, Last Call for Magazine Submissions – July 15

Our church culture stresses the importance of family. Many of us also experience larger cultural messages that privilege romantic partnerships. Without minimizing or overemphasizing these relationships, we want to make space for another essential part of our lives, often overlooked: friendships, especially female friendships. Joseph Smith said, “Friendship is one of the grand fundamental principles of Mormonism.” Why? How?

Tell us your stories about friendship. When did you first realize the value of friendships in your life, and how? When have you felt spiritually inspired to be a friend to someone unexpected, and when has someone been that friend to you? When have you failed? How have you navigated conflicts, and what did you learn? Do you know a particularly vivid character, or perhaps a mentor, who taught you something you won’t forget anytime soon? How has friendship impacted your faith journey?

Submissions should conform to the mission of Exponent II and follow the submission guidelines. They can be up to 2,400 words (with 1,400 words often being the sweet spot). Send us your work by July 15, 2022.


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