Hunkering down? Here’s some light reading for your coronavirus quarantine. #CopingWithCOVID19

Throughout the world, and more specifically, in my neighborhood, health officials are calling for quarantines, self-isolation and social distancing.  We are coming together to fight off a viral enemy…by staying apart and alone. With churches, schools, offices and a host of our favorite recreational activities closed, reading is one of the few past times we can still indulge in. But has your local library shut its doors because of the outbreak, like mine has? No worries! Here is my curated list of online resources that are particularly relevant in these troubled times:

We’ve been through this before.

For many of us, it’s the first time we have been involved in this kind of large-scale effort to address a global health crisis, but the people of our planet have been through crises like this before.

How the AIDS Crisis Taught Me an Enlarged Vision of Family by Maureen Edgerly, Exponent

Last Person To Get Smallpox Dedicated His Life To Ending Polio NPR

The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 by Justin Bray, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) Church History Blog

Talking to kids about Coronavirus

Emeritus Exponent blogger Deborah writes about how to talk to kids about the pandemic.

How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus by Deborah Farmer Kris, PBS for Parents

Parenting during COVID-19: Three P’s to Help our Teens and Tweens by Deborah Farmer Kris, Lifecompass Blog

My local grocery store, day one of CLOVID-19 state of emergency

Food Storage Fun

If your local grocery store looks like mine, all that food storage talk may finally make (a little) sense.  Enjoy this fun post about the nonsense that comes up in food storage discussions.

What You Missed At Enrichment — Emergency Preparedness Edition by Libby, Exponent

Home Church

Many of us are conducting personal/family church services for the first time, but emeritus Exponent blogger Spunky is an expert on the topic, having lived in a rural area without a LDS congregation.

“Home Church” by Spunky, Exponent

Online Church during a Pandemic by Nancy Ross, Exponent

The Sacrament

Now that we are relying on our live-in priesthood holders for sacrament services at home, you may be considering questions about how the LDS bans on women and girls blessing or passing the Sacrament affects households without active male priesthood holders.

Emergencies and a Male-Only Priesthood by Abby Hansen, Exponent

The Sacrament/Communion, Ordination, and Belonging by Nancy Ross, Exponent

On Easter I saw a glimmer of greater involvement of our young women, and it was beautiful. by Rachel, Exponent

Empathy Exercises

We extroverts are feeling mighty uncomfortable right now, locked up by ourselves.  Perhaps our present discomfort will help us better empathize with introverted peers who tend to be uncomfortable in social situations.  And temporarily losing access to our favorite venues could help us empathize with people with disabilities who often encounter accessibility problems.

An Introvert in the Church by DefyGravity, Exponent

Equal Access/Disability Experience Series, Exponent

Read a whole entire book.

Hey, you can still order books online!  And with everything closed, you finally have time to read a whole chapter book just like we used to before Twitter was a thing and we all forgot how to read more than 280 characters in one sitting.

2019 Book List (with a very few 2018 for good measure) by Rachel, Exponent

Book Reviews, Exponent

Sick of reading?

Write your own post and send it to us.  We accept essays related to mormonism and/or feminism and church lesson plans, especially for Relief Society or Young Women classes. What a great way to fill that extra at-home time!

Submit a guest post, Exponent

April Young-Bennett
April Young-Bennett
April Young-Bennett is the author of the Ask a Suffragist book series and host of the Religious Feminism Podcast. Learn more about April at

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