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Dear Readers,

Heather Sundahl and I are hard at work editing a book for Exponent II’s 50th anniversary coming up in 2024. It will include a history of the organization and selected works.

We want to hear from you—readers, current and former bloggers, and Exponent II volunteers—which Exponent blog posts have had the greatest impact on you personally, in the larger Mormon feminist community, and/or in the bloggernacle?

Please fill out this Google form with your recommendations for blog posts to be considered for the Fifty Years of Exponent II book by Friday, April 28. You may recommend up to 10 posts, including up to two of your own if you have blogged here before.

Due to word count limitations, only a very small selection of the over 5,000 posts from the last 17 years will make it into the book. Other recommended posts may be included in various lists or re-shares during our 2024 celebrations.

Thank you so much for your time and help here!

(Previously we put out a call for recommendations for Exponent II magazine/newspaper article recommendations. If you missed that survey, you can email recommendations of articles to Exponent2History at

Katie Ludlow Rich
Katie Ludlow Rich
Katie Ludlow Rich is a writer and independent scholar focused on 19th and 20th-century Mormon women's history. Email at katierich87 at gmail .com


  1. I’m so happy you all are including some of the posts! I have so enjoyed so many of the posts the folks here have written over the years. I submitted a list of ten with your form, but it was a difficult thing to winnow it down to just ten!

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