Friday Photo Feature: Zenaida Viperidae

Today we feature our other new permablogger, Zenaida!

She writes:

Not sleeping
One thought sings like the
Sound of a lullaby
But quiet crickets listen to
Sprinklers slowly spinning in the night

One of my fondest childhood memories is listening to the irrigation outside the window. The constancy of the sound was comforting.

I love to try to look at things in unusual ways. New perspective often yields new ideas and new solutions. It also brings into focus things of beauty that may otherwise go unnoticed. Among the impressive and breathtaking there are subtle and minute things that can offer us fresh vistas.

If I listen closely to the world around me, I begin to see things in ways I never expected, and I gain understanding. The more I am open to seeing the breadth and depth of the human experience, the more amazed I am with the whole process. The sound of traffic doesn’t quite compare with sprinklers, but I am so grateful for the simple experiences that teach me to value my own life as well as those around me.

Jana is a university administrator and teaches History. Her soloblog is


  1. Your first photo made me think of my grandpa, slowly shaking his head as he said, “To think that people say green and blue don’t go together.” I think we were in Logan Canyon on that occasion.

    And I think I saw that same piece of rainbow yesterday.

  2. Beautiful pictures.

    Your poem took me back to the summer nights of my childhood: the sounds of crickets chirping, the evening baseball games at the nearby park, the smell of freshly mown grass. It’s so interesting how a few simple words flooded me with memories.

  3. lovely pictures and prose…..

    there’s a freeway a block or so from my house, which I hear and imagine that I’m hearing a fast river.

    Rain bird sprinklers and trains were the lullabies of my childhood.

  4. What beautiful pictures and what a sweet poem.
    I remember paying more attention to those details as a child. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

  5. I guess I’ve been very nostalgic lately since I’ve been compiling a photo album for my best childhood friend. Seeing pictures of us growing up took me back to those days of innocence.

  6. I forgot how much I loved listening to irrigation when I was little–now, I’m the one in charge and am too busy worrying about whether it’s overflowing into our house because I forgot to turn it off or if I’m taking someone else’s turn because I forgot to write it in my calendar. I’ll have to listen next time.

    So glad to have you here, Zenaida!

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