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Cover art by Jaquilyn Shumate.

The Winter 2019 issue of Exponent II is our annual contest issue, this one centered around the question of Mormon women wrestle with scripture. We asked: How have you interrogated a text and demanded to know more as well as demanded from yourself more insight than you had before?

The responses were incredible. This issue includes Lindsay Denton’s essay about the effort of seeking revelation through study (D&C 9:8), Heidi Toth’s essay about whether her imperfect faith is enough (Mark 9:23-24), and Lauren Ellison’s essay about the challenge of singing the song of redeeming love with a child who was burdened with addiction (Alma 5:26). The issue also includes an artist feature with Annie Poon, whose work has been featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and whose book “Draw Your Way Through the Book of Mormon” will appear in April. We interview Jana Reiss, whose work in Mormon feminist theology has given new understanding to scripture. Other essays and poetry tackle polygamy, the racist parts of the Book of Mormon, doubt, and divine support during a period of deep struggle. The winning essay, “Brick and Martyr” by Stephanie Sorensen, describes her personal journey of recovering from a childhood steeped in polygamist patriarchal abuse. This is an issue not to be missed.

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And special thanks to Jaquilyn Shumate for the use of her art for the cover. Here’s her artist statement: Somewhere inside of me, she was calling out. From way deep down in an unexplored crevice. What started as a gentle whisper gradually became a rhythmic chant. When I went inside of myself to seek out the voice, there was a familiarity in her tone. I couldn’t place it, but I sensed she knew me. And I had known her. Adventurer, nurturer, lover, fighter, and Creator. I dove down deep, and when I finally found Her I saw myself clearly for the first time. Limitless.

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