Exponent II Misappropriation of Funds Announcement

Dear Exponent II Community,

We want to make you aware of an unfolding situation. During a recent financial audit by the Board, we discovered that our treasurer has, over the course of several years, misappropriated Exponent II funds for personal use. She misled the board by circulating monthly budget reports that did not accurately reflect Exponent II expenses or bank account balances. The financial loss to our organization appears to be very significant. Because Exponent II is a small, volunteer-led organization that relies on mutual trust and operates on a tight budget, this is a serious financial blow.

The person involved has been removed from all positions within the Exponent II organization, both official and unofficial. She has admitted full culpability and expressed a commitment to restitution.

We have immediately and deliberately taken steps to protect our organization. We are working with legal and accounting professionals to determine the extent of the loss and the proper steps forward, including additional safeguards within our governing structure to ensure that something like this cannot happen again.

We are heartsick about the implications of this situation, not the least of which is that our stewardship over your funds has been compromised. But we are committed to moving forward with our mission. We are confident that the Exponent II organization we love will emerge stronger and more stable than before. Thank you for all of your support.


The Exponent II Board and Emeritus Board

Heather Sundahl
Barbara Christiansen
Pandora Brewer
Liz Johnson
Kirsten Campbell
Emily Gray
Margaret Olsen Hemming
Susan Christiansen
Jana Remy
Emily Clyde Curtis
Barbara Taylor
Brooke Williams
Linda Hoffman Kimball
Denise Kelly
Aimee Evans Hickman
Caroline Kline
April Young Bennett


  1. This is so sad for all of us. Sending love to all of my Exponent sisters, particularly those who have performed hours upon hours of unpaid service and have worked tirelessly to raise funds for the organization. Exponent has been a balm in my life. It breaks my heart that this organization that has given so much to so many is suffering, but I know that we are strong and can come back from this.

  2. This does nothing to lessen the admiration and appreciation I have for Exponent II and the women for whom it has represented a MASSIVE labor of love for many years. I hope and trust we can find the internal resources to weather this terrible breach of faith, and press forward.

  3. Now more than ever, I stand with my beloved Exponent II sisters in a spirit of love, support and trust. The organization is built of all of us, and we are a vibrant, thriving community. ExII helps us through our hard times, It’s only right that we should do the same to preserve it for our daughters. You have my heart.

    • Amen to that, good Brother! I draw MUCHO inspiration from the Exponent, and as a ‘dude’ I wish more of us would. The parallel is obvious: When I listen to my Wife (always capitalize Wife!) I always find myself in a better place. So I also go the the Exponent for those insights that are missing among the male population. A woman’s ‘touch’ is so splendid!

  4. Yes, thank you for demonstrating such transparency, especially when it is painful to do so. Sending love to the board as you all work through this.

  5. It is always a devastating thing to misplace trust- and also to be in the position of making a mistake and losing the trust of friends. Thinking of you and knowing you will get through this. Thank you for the courage to be transparent in the face of a situation that evokes such powerful emotions.

  6. Thank you, dear friends of Exponent, for your support. I pledge that we will continue to work to “right the ship” and do what’s needed to ensure it’s security.

  7. You still have our love and support, Exponent II!. As for the former treasurer, I hope things work out for her as well. I hope she has been able to resolve whatever unfortunate circumstances inspired her actions and that she still feels the love of this group.

  8. I’d like to suggest that, although this will do nothing to stop the pain, we who have been blessed by Exponent II consider making a donation to help the organization get through the practical, financial part of this crisis and continue functioning. I’m sure even a very modest donation would be appreciated, and everything adds up.

  9. I’ll send a donation, along with my prayers for all involved, that she and you will find the support and healing you all need and deserve … because the problem is far bigger and older than one staff or publication or volunteer. The problem is that feminist work, projects, and needs have never been properly valued, supported or funded in Mormon culture. . . feminists have exerted and sacrificed beyond what anyone should — vounteering too much time, energy, and work to provide needed resources, while relying on faith and pennies to do it all. The problem is that money resides mostly in male hands so has gone to men’s interests and agendas, not to women’s. This has limited feminist work and progress, for decades, keeping women in difficult or impossible situations, often pitted against each other. If feminism was funded properly, female staff would be adequately supported rather barely coping.

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