Conference Bingo: Historic 2018 Edition

Folks, the rumor mill is in full gear. Apparently this GenConf* will be HISTORIC. Writ large. Something to tell the grandkids about.

BIG ENOUGH THAT IT NEEDS ITS OWN (click for a printable version) BINGO CARD.

You know the rules: M&Ms only, no Skittles (watching Conference requires full-octane chocolate, not that fruity super-sweet substitute), first one to get five in a row wins. That center spot is as free as a tuna noodle casserole the week after you give birth.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


* “GenCon” is already taken, so we’re going to have to make do.


  1. Actually, one of these things has already happened—haven’t you been reading the news? I can already put my M&M on “Formal Merger with GOP.” For real. Hard evidence everywhere, guys.

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