Community Funds

We believe in supporting community members from all backgrounds and diverse experiences. Many generous contributors and readers have donated honorariums and money toward the following new community funds:

Scholarships for BIPOC Artists and Writers
Each year, the total funds raised for this scholarship will be divided among a number of applicants who identify with the mission of Exponent II. Application instructions are announced in the fall and decisions are made in the spring. Both visual artists and writers are encouraged to apply. More information here on how to apply or donate for 2022.

Collaborative Art Commissions
Community makes Exponent II special. Having the chance to gather or collaborate on new projects builds bridges and forges new connections. This fund will go toward commissioning new artwork between two artists identified by the Art Team. When the fund replenishes, the Exponent II Art Team will identify two more artists to collaborate.

Needs-based, LGBTQ+, and/or BIPOC Retreat Scholarships
The annual retreat is a pillar of the Exponent II experience. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate. The Retreat Coordinator will use the total fund amount, per year, to support individuals in attending.

Backpay to Editors Who Donated Stipends
While Exponent II is working toward improved financial sustainability, the current editors have agreed to pool their stipends from Summer 2021-Spring 2022 to be able to provide magazine contributor honorariums for the year. The fund will distribute to editors during each quarterly print cycle. We hope to continue offering honorariums to contributors going forward, while also paving the way for future editors and other Exponent II team members who volunteer throughout the organization to sustainably do this work.


We invite you to donate toward any of these community funds here, specifying which fund to place your contribution. Updated reports on the current amount in each fund are announced in our monthly newsletter.

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