Call for Pitches: Exponent II Magazine Theology Feature 

The Theology Feature showcases original theological work by women and gender minorities. If you have been struggling, pondering, or engaging with Mormon doctrine, we want to hear from you!

Essays for the feature may take many different approaches, including: identifying or resolving tensions within Mormon teachings; emphasizing distinctive doctrinal possibilities offered by Mormonism, especially those that may not be fully developed by the current institutional church; developing Mormon feminism through engagement with other theologies; or drawing from scholarship in other traditions to clarify or question aspects of Mormonism. Whatever their perspective, theological essays seek to highlight liberatory opportunities for marginalized individuals and communities.

Published pieces are argumentative essays around 2200-2400 words long. They should conform to the mission of Exponent II and follow the submission guidelines.

To be considered, submit a 350-500 word pitch for an article to Eliza Wells ([email protected]). Successful pitches will be workshopped and developed into longer pieces with the help of the feature editor. We are able to compensate writers for their work with a $50 honorarium. 


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